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McEwen-Taylor Pty Ltd (T/A LOYAL Bakeware)

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  • Brand: Martellato
  • Item #: MTCSM6002
  • Availability: In Stock

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Frame with String Separation Size: 15mm

Martellato offers a range of guitar cutter with stainless steel sheet.
The short string provides greater mechanical strength and therefore allows to cut even very tough or frozen dough in precise portions.
Easy to clean, this tool does not require any maintenance.

Note: Frames NOT included with the Driving Force Guitar
Frames must be ordered separately and these are available  in varying sizes to suit your required cut piece size

Frames to suit Driving Force Guitar Large MTCSM060:
MTCSM6001 - 10mm, MTCSM6002 - 15mm; MTCSM6003 - 20mm; MTCSM6004 - 25mm
MTCSM6005 - 30mm; MTCSM6006 - 35mm; MTCSM6007 - 40mm; MTCSM6008 - 50mm; MTCSM6009 - 60mm