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How to set up a Piping Bag

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Step 1 Step 1 With sharp scissors, trim the piping bag to suit the size of the coupler you wish to use. Be careful not to cut too much off as doing so too can prevent the bag from being completely secure. You can always trim it more if needed.
Step 2 Step 2 Ensure that the bag does not hang too far over the top of the coupler base as it can interfere with the flow through the tip. Ideally the bag should be cut at the very edge of the coupler base.
Step 3 Step 3 Place the piping tip onto the end of the coupler base.
Step 4 Step 4 Gently but firmly screw the coupler ring with tip onto the coupler base over the cut piping bag.
Step 5 Step 5 Your piping bag is now ready to fill and pipe. To change piping tip, simply unscrew the coupler ring, switch over your tip and replace the coupler ring by gently screwing it back to the base.