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McEwen-Taylor Pty Ltd (T/A LOYAL Bakeware)

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  • Brand: Martellato
  • Item #: MTMCD101
  • Availability: Special Order

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The Martellato Digital Meltinchoc (MCD101) dry heat chocolate holding tank can be used for the production of pralines and chocolate figures.
Great for dipping and decorating. Made from durable impact resistant plastic with a removable anodized aluminium basin 

  • Preset Digital programmes for melting, seeding and cooling of dark, milk & white chocolate
  • A switch 'On' or 'Off alarm for each stage.
  • External digital probe thermometer
  • Holds temperature more accurately than typical analogue melters
  • Designed as a holding tank


  • To prevent chocolate from over-crystallizing, please stir the chocolate every 15-20 mins
  • You can melt chocolate in the unit but this will generally take several hours
  • The Digital MeltinChoc is not an automatic tempering machine. To temper your chocolate in the Digital MeltinChoc, you can use the seed method 
  • Temperature measured by the probe will vary according to quantity of chocolate in the tank and how fully immersed the probe is in the chocolate
  • Variance in temperature of the chocolate to the temperature Display can be due to room temperature, level of chocolate and positioning of probe

Tank Size 18x32.5x(h)10cm
Capacity 3.6L
Overall 24x40x(h)13.5cm